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LOLIDOU jewelry is made of brass covered with a layer of 18 carat or 24 carat gold with a thickness of 3 microns. All our stones are natural stones, which explains why their shapes and colors may vary.

Here are some tips to ensure a long life for your jewelry:

Even if our small jewels are resistant to life, avoid contact with water, perfume,

chemicals and cosmetics. For this, we advise you to put your

jewelry after your makeover.

Just like you, our jewels need to rest, so, from time to time, think of them

remove at bedtime. Our small suede pouches are the allies of your jewellery.

They protect them from light and humidity.


Think of them when you're not wearing your jewelry and when you take it on your travels.

This will even prevent them from getting tangled or scratched. Finally, to clean your jewelry, a soft, dry cloth

will be enough to revive the shine of the gold which acquires a slight patina over time.

LITTLE TIP: To prevent a necklace or jumper from getting tangled, always leave the clasp outside the pouch when closing it. Indeed, jewelry always gets tangled at the ends.

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